Node Notification

The NodeNotificationEvent is used for self-monitoring of the Hetzner servers (nodes) in the Cloud.


  1. getNodeId() Returns the ID of the node.

  2. getState() Returns the state of the node.

# Available node states

Code example

public void handle(NodeNotificationEvent event) {
    String nodeId = event.getNodeId().substring(0, 5);

    switch (event.getState()) {
        case CONNECTED -> broadcast("Node %s has been connected".formatted(nodeId));
        case DISCONNECTED -> broadcast("Node %s has been disconnected".formatted(nodeId));
        case REQUESTED -> broadcast("A new node server (%s) has been requested".formatted(event.getNodeId()));

When the status is REQUESTED, the Node ID is the ID of the Hetzner server, for example, cpx31

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