Here, it is explained step by step how you can install Wale Cloud.

Ensure that your server meets the requirements. Otherwise, errors may occur during the installation!

  1. First, navigate to the Wale Cloud Dashboard and then to the Download tab. Download the bootstrap file for the master from there.

  2. After that, install the HAProxy service on your server. This module is essential for using the cloud, as it manages the distribution to the individual Minecraft proxy servers through the HAProxy server and a round-robin mechanism.

You can use the following command or refer to other documentation to install HAProxy on your server.

# Tested on Ubuntu 22.04
sudo apt install haproxy

After installing the HAProxy service, you can proceed with the installation of the master.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard (Projects > Your Project) and set the hostname, which is the IP address of your master server, in your project.

  2. Afterward, navigate to the 'Configuration' tab in the dashboard and set the hostname, once again the IP address of your master server, there.

Configure the master directly before proceeding with the installation. A detailed explanation of all settings is provided here.

  1. Drag the master bootstrap file onto your server (choose any directory) and execute it. Use the following command. The '--key' parameter is essential. You will receive your license key from the dashboard (Projects > Your Project > License Key).

java -jar bootstrap.jar --key your_license_key

If your configuration is correct, the cloud will start without errors. You can then proceed with setting up your templates and other configurations. A detailed guide on setting up templates can be found here.

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